Myths about weight gain supplements and getting bigger are about to get debunked. If you want to gain weight, this post has some info you can use. Although protein shakes and bars are popular in the weight gain frenzy, our focus today is on the Apetamin syrup. So why Apetamin? Because it is the trending weight gain syrup right now—with its users increasing every day. So should you try it or not? Is it worth the buzz at all? It’s time to bust some myths and decide whether it is worth the fuss or not.

So what is Apetamin?

Apetamin is a syrup or pill-based supplement designed to help people gain weight; it can also be used to manage allergies. The syrup helps with appetite loss, allergies, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and itching, vascular headache and migraine. So let’s examine our main concern about the supplement: the appetite and weight gain stimulating aspect.

How does it work?

The recommended dosage of Apetamin syrup is 5ml three times per day. This recommendation can immediately spike up a person’s hunger up and may subsequently increase tiredness.
You can even increase the dosage after an extended use and still have the initial effects of growing appetite. Users have noted how voracious they got after the first dosage.

Specification and Caution


Side effects are:

1. Drowsiness and dizziness
2. Constipation and nausea
3. Dry mouth, throat or nose
4. Excitability, restlessness and nervousness.

Price range: $18-$60, which is, however, dependent on the site or the retailer. Nevertheless, be careful: some don’t provide authentic products.
Take precaution and consult your doctor before you even start using Apetamin. Although there has been no study about any negative long-term effects, Apetamin is still an allergy drug; it must be treated with caution.

Will Apetamin make my backside bigger?

I am going for an indecisive answer here: Yes and no.
Yes. In the sense that the extra calories consumed as a result of supplement usage will lead to a packing of more weight in the booty.
No. In the sense that Apetamin cannot be recommended for controlled weight gain. It is not some automatic “bug butt” supplement many retailers will like you to believe. The fact is, many factors affect weight gain: your genetics, workout regime, and natural fat distribution. Apetamin use will allow weight gain all over the body—not an isolated mass gain in the derriere. Therefore, you cannot control where your body decides to gain weight.
In the end, from face to arms to belly to butt to legs, Apetamin can surely supply those areas with significant pounds.